A Belated Christmas


My family knows my addiction to books all to well.  I look forward to using these in the near future.   I still have a lot of good books on my shelves to read, but one can never have too many books.   Happy Reading!



A New Love Affair

I am here to admit that I have been, for the past six months, having an affair with a man who is intelligent, funny, and has knack for solving mysteries.  My family will be thrilled.  Until I tell them that he is a fictional character. That is right ladies and gentlemen I have fallen in love with Lord Peter Wimsey.  We were brought together by a mutual friend by the name of Hercule Poirot and met for the first time at a booksale.  If I had known from the first how one-sided this relationship would be I might not have started it, but I don’t think I would have enjoyed the last year as much as I have.   Now, I have come to find that he has fallen in love with another woman.  He met her when she was on trial for murder of a former lover.

Even though I know we have no chance of a future together; I still want to keep in touch with him.  He happens to be very amusing.   I have just had the pleasure to meet with him again and will enjoy the story of mystery entitled The Five Red Herrings.

A New Blog

I used to blog relatively cosistently, putting up reviews and the like, and then things got busy and I no longer had daily access to Internet.  As it is getting closer to a new year and I am turning over a new leaf in life, I decided to start a new blog (don’t worry you can still access all of my old reviews here.)  On top of keeping this blog up with a weekly post I will also be posting on here about my quest to read through all of Dickens’ novels for the calendar year.  That is every novel which I have not read yet, which is all except A Christmas Carol and The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  I expect it will be quite interesting.  I will however be re-evaluating my decision mid-year as to whether or not I will be able to meet the goal.

Anyway, Happy Holidays and hope all is well in the New Year.